What is the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program?




OYAP is a high school program that allows you to try a huge variety of apprenticeship-based careers in skilled trades, starting in Grade 11 or Grade 12 through the Cooperative Education program.

You Have So Many Options

Child and youth worker, hairstylist, automotive technician,
welder and general carpenter are only a few examples of
apprenticeships available to you.

Your local coordinator is ready to help you get started and find the right fit!

Tell me about my options

Get A Jump Start

You can jump start your career by counting your Co-op/OYAP hours towards your apprenticeship! Visit Student Services or the Cooperative Education teacher in your school to learn more!

There’s a Skilled Trade for Everyone

OYAP allows you to explore and find the right career for you. And if you discover you want to change direction you can, because many skills are transferable.

Hands-On Learners Achieve Excellence

Hands on learning activates more parts of the brain, and is great for retention. The apprenticeship pathway combines in-class and on-the-job training opportunities to maximize learning and skill development.

Why Apprenticeship?

For money, growth, to pursue your passion or learn technology – there are many reasons to try a skilled trade apprenticeship through the OYAP program!

Want to learn more about OYAP in your region?