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Student Responsibilities

Students participating in OYAP are expected to:
  • Work safely and diligently while following the regulations of the employer and of the school;
  • Follow company health and safety regulations;
  • Demonstrate maturity and good judgment;
  • Achieve maximum learning by working in a courteous, responsible and businesslike manner; watching, listening, trying, practicing, perfecting and helping;
  • Attend the workplace on time, as agreed;
  • Notify the employer and co-op teacher before the beginning of the school day if unable to attend the placement;
  • Complete all daily logs, journals and assignments, as required;
  • If you sign a Registered Training Agreement, you must register with the College of Trades within 90 days.  Speak to you co-op teacher or OYAP Coordinator if you need help with this.”
  • Maintain a record of apprenticeship hours and skills acquired in the Apprenticeship Training Standards Manual;
  • Keep all of the apprenticeship documents in a safe place;
  • Notify the local apprenticeship office if there is a personal change of address.