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Most Grade 10 students expect to continue their education at college or university. The majority of parents assume this as well. Yet the reality is that most of Ontario’s Grade 9 students do not go directly to college or university. Many do not know which career to pursue, while some choose to take a gap year, and others choose to pursue entry level jobs.

Every school in Ontario provides Cooperative Education opportunities for your teen to investigate the world of work. Many valuable community networks are started when students participate in a community placement during secondary school. Encourage your teen to apply for Cooperative Education and/or the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program at their home school.

OYAP is both a demanding and a rewarding choice for bright, eager teens who wish to investigate or jump-start their careers. OYAP also addresses the growing skills shortages in the trades, which have been articulated by business, industry and labour. OYAP works best for everyone involved because it provides a healthy balance between the demands of school and the demands of the work environment.

To succeed in the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, a mature commitment to both school and the workplace is essential. Your teen will be expected to have regular and punctual attendance, respect for authority and a sincere focus on learning the required skills.
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