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FAQs for Parents

question What jobs are available for my son/daughter in the skilled trade?
answer There are over 150 skilled trades in Ontario, covering the Motive Power, Industrial, Construction and Service sectors. Click here to see your Trades at a Glance section.
question The thought of my teen having to commit to making career choices so early in life is a bit scary. Why should my teen choose a career so soon?
answer Your teen is not committing by trying out an apprenticeship. In fact, experiential career exploration with hands-on training will help your teen discover his/her interests, talents and abilities while preparing to make career choices.
question What if my teen changes his/her mind?
answer That’s the point! Experiential learning is all about “trying-on” something new to see if you like it. It allows your son or daughter to experience a trade first-hand and then to decide if it is something he/she would like to pursue in the future. If it is not, your teen can move on to something new and take with him/her valuable information that can be of assistance in future career decisions.
question What happens if my teen decides to leave the apprenticeship program?
answer If your teen is not enjoying the chosen trade, he/she can re-evaluate and move forward. Involvement with Cooperative Education and Guidance staff may result in solutions such as a different Cooperative Education placement to successfully complete the semester.