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How Do I Apply?

The application  process for any of the centrally coordinated 'Accelerated' programs is as follows:

  1. Students, parents, and teachers are invited to attend an information session for any of the 'Accelerated' programs in the winter of every school year. Details on information sessions, application due dates, and interview dates are available at your Guidance and Cooperative Education offices.
  2. Together with a Guidance Counsellor or Cooperative Education teacher,complete an OYAP application for the  'Accelerated' program specific to your chosen skilled profession. Submit the completed application package which includes all of the following:
    1. the completed application
    2. a resume
    3. a recent copy of a "Student Transcript" which must be obtained from a school's Guidance Counsellor
  3. Students maybe interviewed by a team that includes representatives from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and our partnering  training delivery agent (e.g. instructors from a college or other training center).
  4. At the students interview, the student will be assessed on the following:
    1. Personal Presentation
    2. Attitude
    3. Communication Skills
    4. Motivation

Students are encouraged to consult with their parent(s), their Guidance Counsellor, or a Co-operative Education teacher during the application process and prior to the interview.