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OYAP Award Winners

The following students are OYAP Award winners for their schools. They will be entering the Trades directly from High School. Congratulations on “ Living the Skilled Life” and all the best with future career plans.


2014/15 - Jeff Vermeersch, Jacquie MacCormac

2015/16 - Clay McColl, Mason Cowlard

2016/17 - Martin Hogeveen

2017/18 - Jacob Schaafsma, Tamara Vanden Beukel



2014/15 - Rebecca Turner, Alex Van Haren

2015/16 - Dylan Westbrook, Carlo Restelli

2016/17 - Mitch Dawson, Liam McSkimming

2017/18 - Lucas DeWaard, Julia Wignall



2014/15 - Madison Bolton, Alex Van Haren

2015/16 - Taran Singh, Jason Wolski

2016/17 - Jason Ambeau, Kathryn Lawrence 

2017/18 - Jacob Whiting, Deanne Durant, Daniel Mozdzierz- Sharp Bus Lines Skilled Trades Bursary