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Lorne Clement

Lorne Clement | Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

Innovative Forestry Systems
Wawa Highschool

My placement at Innovative Forestry Systems has been an excellent experience. I have learnt much about the Heavy Equipment Technician trade already. The hours that I am working at my Co-op will help me to get my Certificate of Qualification faster than I would if I were to just go to college. I was not too sure about what I wanted to do after graduation, but doing Co-op allowed me the experience what I needed to identify with while working on heavy equipment. This work experience has convinced me to pursue a Skilled Trade and OYAP is helping to start ahead of others who wait till after high school.

I'm enrolling in college for Heavy Duty Equipment Technician in September 2006. I will have a great advantage over others in the program because I now have experience working around equipment and with lots of different tools.

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