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Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson Cooking

Sir James Dunn

Anthony Wilson | Cook

Knight’s Inn-Upper Deck
Sir James Dunn

The OYAP program has helped me in many ways. It has guided me down the road towards a future career and given me invaluable experience that will put me ahead of the rest. OYAP allows me to put some hours towards my apprenticeship before I even finish high school. 

My Co-op/OYAP placement has given me skills and experience that I could not gain in a classroom. This program gives you a real feeling for what your career in the field will be like. I found that The OYAP program is invaluable to anyone wishing to pursue a career in a skilled trade. My OYAP placement has given me the confidence in myself to one day become a great chef and hopefully achieve my goal to open my own restaurant. If not for OYAP I would have to wait an extra year to start my apprenticeship and I would have to pay a lot more money. Thanks to OYAP I can rest easy about my life.

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