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OYAP Anthony Wilson in the workplaceAnthony Wilson | Cook

My Co-op/OYAP placement has given me skills and experience that I could not gain in a classroom. This program gives you a real feeling for what your career in the field will be like. I found that The OYAP program is invaluable to anyone wishing to pursue a career in a skilled trade.
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OYAP Ashley Colbey in the workplace
Ashley Colbey | Early Childhood Educator

Now that I am in Cooperative Education, it has opened my eyes to ECE and helped me to see that I really do enjoy working with young children and that I do wish to pursue a career in this field, without any fear of future regret.
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OYAP Lorne Clement in the workplace
Lorne Clement | Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

My placement at Innovative Forestry Systems has been an excellent experience. I have learnt much about the Heavy Equipment Technician trade already.
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