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Apprenticeship Continuation Beyond High School for Registered OYAP Apprentices

If you have signed an Registered Training Agreement with the Apprenticeship Office (Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development) and a Co-op employer…and you are interested in continuing your apprenticeship beyond high school…consider following these steps.

NOTE: If you are staying on to continue your apprenticeship with your current employer, then you can skip to Step Six. However, you should still contact your Employment and Training Consultant (ETC) at the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to provide your proof of graduation and plan for your next level of apprenticeship in-school training.

Step One:   

Contact your local Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development office

  • Provide your graduation date and employment status

N.B If you have successfully completed a level one course, request a letter from the College’s Registrars Office as proof of your successful completion (for future requirement)

Step Two: 

Register with an Employment Ontario Employment Service Provider

  • Access job search assistance
  • Access information about wage subsidies for employers.

Step Three: 

Develop a trade specific resume:

  • Highlight trade related skills and Co-op work experience  
  • Highlight your registration as an OYAP apprentice
  • Include letters of recommendation and a copy of your secondary school transcript to support your resume

Step Four: 

Begin your job search.

  • Consider starting with your Co-op employer.
  • Provide employers with information on wage subsidy programs for youth
  • Leave a resume and follow up repeatedly

Step Five:

Once you find an employer willing to hire you as an apprentice:

  • Advise Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development about your new status
  • Have a local training consultant meet with you and your employer to sign a training agreement.
  • Advise EOESO about your new status (if registered with them)

Step Six:

  • If you have a new Registered Training Agreement and sponsor, send or fax the OCT membership application to the Ontario College of Trades with payment of  $60.00

Step Seven: 

Fulfill your responsibilities as an apprentice

  • Review your training standard with your employer to sign off completed Training Units.
  • Keep a record of all hours worked as an apprentice.  
  • If you leave your employer to work elsewhere request a letter on company letterhead confirming hours worked as an apprentice.
  • Contact the local apprenticeship office if you:  change your address, change employers, can’t complete the units of your training standard, cannot attend  in-school training (trade school) or have questions about your apprenticeship.
  • Confirm your availability to attend in-school training once you receive a “notice to attend school”
  • Throughout your apprenticeship, prepare to write the Ministry exam for certification

Step Eight: 

  • Apply for grants and incentives

For further information contact the OYAP Coordinator in your school board.

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