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College of Trades

In 2009, the College of Trades was created through the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act.  All skilled trades people, working in compulsory trades are required to become members of the College. All registered apprentices in both compulsory and voluntary trades are required to become members of the College. The College has responsibility for the governance, certification, training and promotion of the skilled trades. It also enforces regulations to help protect the public and foster confidence in the trades and is committed to promoting the value of working with a qualified tradesperson.

As an OYAP participant and future journeyperson, the College is a new, important and evolving part of your career in the skilled trades.  If you have a signed Registered Training Agreement, you must become a member of the College.  Membership is free and you benefit from the educational resources via newsletters as well as possible discounts on various products and services currently being negotiated by the College.  Filling out the application is easy and you can gain access to it through your school or from the College of Trades website (  Once you complete your application, you will receive a member ID card.  It is important you carry this ID card with you on worksites at all times to show to a College Enforcement Officer in case they ask.  If you do not have a Registered Training Agreement, don’t worry.  Simply carry your OYAP ID card with you instead.  

For more information on the College of Trades, please visit their website or call them at 647-847-3000 or toll free at 855-299-0028.  Also check out

They are also on Twitter at @collegeoftrades