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OYAP Advisory Committees

The success of OYAP at the SCDSB is due in large part to the work that our Employer Advisory Committees have put into its development, promotion and continued growth.  Hundreds of students over the past 10 years have had a huge head start in their professional training thanks to them.

We have a number of Advisory Committees in place.  Some meet more often than others, but all of them serve as an amazing resource for us.  Here is a list of the committees that have helped build OYAP at the SCDSB.

Motive Power Committee - consists of automotive service, autobody and truck/coach employers.

Construction - consists of both union and non-union employers in all facets of local construction.

Cook - consists of employers who represent the Muskoka District Chefs' Association.

Hairstylist - consists of primarily Barrie area employers as this was formed in partnership with Barrie North.

Landscape and Horticulture - Banting Memorial initiated a program with Landscape Ontario and many local employers.

In addition to all of the OYAP Advisory Committees, employers also sit on Advisory Committees for Specialist High Skills Majors at each of our high schools and most importantly provide valuable placements for thousands of students.

Thank you Employers.